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After School Program


2013-2014 School Year

Making After School Time Enriching, Rewarding, and Successful

What is the MASTERS Program?

The MASTERS Program is an after school program run by the Center for Fathers and Families in partnership with the Natomas and Twin Rivers Unified School Districts.

Who is the Center for Fathers and Families?

A local nonprofit organization founded in 1994. The Center has a long history of running after school

programs in local schools. You can learn more about the Center by calling 916.568.3237 or visiting


When is MASTERS offered?

The MASTERS program will begin immediately after school and run until 5pm. The MASTERS

program follows the school schedule and is closed for all school holidays.

How much does it cost?

The regular MASTERS program is free!

How do I enroll my child?

Space in the program is limited. To enroll, complete the application packet (located in the Locker for download)and return it to the school office or the MASTERS Site Coordinator. STUDENTS WILL BE ENROLLED ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS. THOSE ADMITTED TO MASTERS WILL BE NOTIFIED

DAYS OF OPERATION: The MASTERS Program is open Monday through Friday beginning after school and closing 3 hours after school ends. Program hours vary per site, check with your school site and/or Site Coordinator. The program is closed for all school holidays, please refer to current the school year calendar

PARENT/GUARDIAN INVOLVMENT AND SUPPORT: Parents/guardians are encouraged to actively participate throughout the year in our activities. We want to stress the importance of your involvement and support to better serve your child while in MASTERS. Parents/guardians are always welcome to come and participate with their child during program hours. Please arrange accommodations in advance with the MASTERS site coordinator.

SNACK: The MASTERS staff will serve a snack to all students who are enrolled in the program. We offer many different types of snacks including: fresh vegetables and fruits, cereal, crackers and cheese, granola bars, milk or juice, etc.

ENRICHMENT/RECREATION:Students will have some time set aside to receive recreation and/or enrichment throughout the week. We will offer planned activities that are hands-on in the subjects of: arts and crafts, sports, physical education, and computer based

BEHAVIOR POLICIES: All of the school rules apply in the MASTERS after school program. If the student(s) does not follow the rules the programs consequences are as follows:

• 1st - Warning, guidance, and parental contact.

• 2nd – Letter home, counseling, administrator and/or site director and student conference.

• 3rd – Suspension, student will be sent home, parent, administrator and/or site director, and student conference.

• 4th – Dismissal from program.

DISCIPLINE:  Participation in the MASTERS Program is on an initial 20-day probationary period. My child must be able to get along with others and adhere to the rules of the program. I also understand that it is necessary for parents/guardians to conduct themselves in a respectful and mature manner when at the MASTERS Program. I understand acceptable behavior is required to insure continued participation throughout the enrollment period. If disenrollment occurs, a six-month waiting period must pass before re-enrollment can occur, on a space available basis