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This is a beginning elective course where no experience is necessary.  Students only need to have an interest in developing skills in basic drawing, painting, three-dimensional media, and learning about other artists.  Emphasis is on learning and developing techniques necessary to complete assignments in various mediums creatively, with focus on line, shape, value, and color.

AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination

AVID is designed for students who desire structured support for college preparation.  Students in the AVID program will engage in a rigorous curriculum designed to enhance their personal and academic potential for success in college preparatory courses and to increase college level knowledge, skills, and motivation for future college learning.  Students will work individually and collaboratively on writing, research, teamwork, problem solving, interpersonal skills, and information analysis.  At the high school level, AVID is a four year elective series designed to offer direct support with the goal of college readiness after high school graduation. 

Busine$$ for Profit

In this elective, students will learn how to run a successful business by forming a company, naming it, creating a logo and motto, designing a website, producing a commercial, running a sale, and much more.  Students will learn about managing money and the skills to turn small investments into larger gains.  This class will also connect with community businesses. 


This class is designed to provide experience as you prepare to assume responsibility for the governance of student life on campus and in the community.   Additionally, the class provides students with a theoretical background in contemporary leadership theory and practice. The primary purpose of this course is to facilitate learning opportunities and experiences, and to provide students with examples of knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to assume positive leadership roles in their own family, school, and larger communities. This class helps gain a better understanding of leadership and its application to daily life as a student and citizen. 


Digital media is a class for students to learn about electronic media production.  The class covers production, recording, digital photography, imaging, videography, film-making, and editing.  Digital Media will have access to the computer lab, broadcasting recording studio, still cameras, video cameras, iPods, and computer software that will allow you to edit integrate all the forms of media resulting in a daily school-wide broadcast production.

MESA - Math Engineering Science Achievement

The MESA School Program (MSP) supports pre-college students to excel in math and science and go on to college as majors in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, & math). Advising and academic assistance is provided through a MESA advisor, usually a math or science teacher. Components of the MSP include development of individual academic plans, study skills training, local and regional competitions in hands-on activities, career and college exploration.