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Library/Computer Lab Schedule

Today: 12/12/18


What does the book look like? How much is a lost book?



7th Grade

8th Grade



7th Grade

8th Grade


*Replacement Fines Subject to Variations Base on Book Condition.

Contact Information

Ms. Thao

Library Media Technician

(916) 566-3430

Extension: 24250


Library Media Center

Library Media Center Rules and Expectations

  • Sign In/Out of the Library & Computer Lab
    • ‚ÄčAll Students Must Have A Pass During Class Time
  • Enter/Exit the Library Quietly
    • There Is No Talking In the Library/Computer Lab
    • Please Use A Quiet Whisper Voice If Needed

"If The Librarian Can Hear You, YOU'RE TOO LOUD!"

  • No Gum, No Food or No Drinks (except for water in a clear bottle)
  • No Gaming/No YouTube/No Social Media Websites on Computers
    • All Sound Must Be Muted or Use a Headphone on Computers
      • Please remember to return your headphone
  • All Library Materials Must Be Returned/Renew On Time
  • All Library Books and Textbooks Must Be Returned Before Moving To A New School or At The End Of The School Year
    • Students are responsible, NOT THE TEACHERS, for returning all library and textbook materials to the library. Please go to your classes, locate your textbooks, and return it to the library.
    • Students are responsible for all fee incurred on his/her account.



By using the library & computer lab, you agreed to follow all rules and expectations. The librarian reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the library & computer lab and to restrict anyone from visiting the library & computer lab.

All rules and expectations are subject to change by the librarian at any time.

What Can You Do In The Library?

You can...

  • check in or check out library books or textbooks
  • use the computer
    • to do class work or homework
    • to take test
    • to research
    • to read online
    • to play appropriate educational games
  • read quietly

Enjoy the quiet environment. Please be responsible and be respectful of your surrounding.

Books! Library Books! Textbooks!

All Students are responsible for any books, library books and textbooks, checked out to them. Whether the books are stored at home or at school, there are no excuses acceptable. You are responsible for the book(s) and are expected to return them or pay the replacement fee for the book(s) when the book(s) are asked to be returned to the library.



Back To School!


Overdue Library Books

and Textbooks

Attention Students! (Especially 8th Graders): If you owe library books or still have textbooks from last year, please return them as soon as possible.


Library Use Before School & During Lunch:

ONLY 20 Students will be allowed in the Library & Computer Lab at a time. If the door is locked, that means there are already 20 students inside the room. Please wait patiently outside until a student leave to enter. Thank you for your cooperation!

Library Catalog

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